SisterhuedSister: A female friend or protector regarded as a sister.
Hue: A gradation or variety or color; tint.

Sisterhued is a digital collective bringing together women of color and brands. We are a community of parents, business owners, influencers and content creators committed to presenting a unique experience to the community at large.

Created by Shaniqua Garvin of Brown Media Mama, Tiffani Greenaway of My MommyVents, Danielle Wilson of Dellah’s Jubilation and Valerie Pierre of Mommy R+R, our goal is to have Sisterhued fill the gap for online resources geared towards women of color. Ultimately becoming the go-to on topics ranging from self and family care, fashion and beauty, health, finances and travel. As well as a host of other issues that effect our community at large on a daily basis.

Through in person events, online marketing, and digital opportunities, Sisterhued brings color to brands.