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Elect Black Girl Magic!


You already know Black girls are magic–but did you know that we hold the key to the election, too? While you may feel like our current election is between the lesser of two evils, it’s still important to contribute your voice–and for good reason. The political power of African American women is undeniable.┬áIn 2008, over […]

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Sisterhued Falls Into Fitness!

Admit it. You made a resolution back in January to exercise more. To eat healthier. To try kale. And then life came along. Before you knew it, it was October, and all of your health and wellness goals were gone, along with the warm weather. Sisterhued kicked off the season with a renewal of health, […]

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Join us for “Fall Into Fitness”

A Fitness and wellness event Ok folks the fall is just around the corner can you believe that? It’s hard to tell when we have been enjoying record high temperatures everyday. Although before you know it our coats will be pulled out the closet and our bodies will be covered up for the next 7 […]

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