For the first time ever, Oprah shared the cover of O Magazine with 9 women. We are thrilled  that our very own Sisterhued Nique has been included! Going into this process, all the women assumed they were just a feature story until Oprah surprised them with the exciting news that they would make history.

Check out some footage from behind the scenes as Oprah, Gayle, and creative director of O Magazine Adam Glassman let them in on the surprise.

Being in your best body and getting “lighter as they go” is the theme for the issue and along their journeys. The 9 lucky women range in age from 15-49, all with different stories on their desire to lose weight. After losing her beloved husband to heart disease, Nique felt compelled to get serious about living a healthier lifestyle.

Nique’s behind the scenes “Lighter as I go” YouTube interview

Look for Nique on the April cover of O Magazine at your local newsstands on March 15th to get a more in depth look! We are so thrilled to witness #Huestory in the making.

Nique and Oprah


The ladies of the cover pose with Oprah and Adam Glassman, O Magazine’s Creative Director
Shaniqua, Michelle and Oprah cheers to making #Huestory
Nique and the ladies celebrate with Oprah. Cheers to making #Huestory!

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