Today is National Book Lover Day!


A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.
― George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

There are so many reason as to why reading is important. Aside from being a necessity so one can survive in society. Reading is the equivalent to exercise for the mind. Think about when you go to the gym and workout your body so you can not only look but feel physically fit, reading books does the same for the mind. It helps keep it strong and active.

And speaking of the mind, it also helps develop ones imagination. When reading books you can fall into the pages and travel anywhere. Time and space aren’t just theories but destinations.

Reading is also a proven stress reliever. When you’re reading a great novel you will be so deep into the story and where it transported you that for a small time you’ll forget about the troubles that are happening in your life.

In addition, reading everyday will not only increase your overall knowledge but expand your vocabulary and improve your memory.

And most of all, reading is just plain ole fun! There is nothing better than stalking the isles of the local bookstore in search for something new and then snuggling up with it following a long day at work and/or after the kids have gone to sleep. There is a rush of excitement that comes just before you crack the binding of a new book or the anticipation yet sadness that comes when you’re nearing the end of a story. Its a feeling that cannot be explained but book lovers know the feeling all too well.

Are you a book lover? Do you have a favorite book that you can read over and over? Who is your favorite author? What was the last book you read? And just so you know, your children’s bedtime book does not count.