Last year the world grinded to a collective screeching halt when Beyonce’s LEMONADE visual album debuted on HBO. And to celebrate it’s one year anniversary, The Hive rang the alarm and (unofficially) declared April 23rd ‘Lemonade Day’.

Conceptually speaking LEMONADE is a masterpiece. It’s an emotional roller coaster of a woman who had gone through the trials and tribulations of having the love of her life cheat on her. And that’s just the surface. LEMONADE is an onion with its layered overt and hidden celebratory messages of Black female womanhood.

It is an album for women of color, by a woman of color – yet it could still be celebrated by ALL women.

LEMONADE also gave us a tone we never heard from Beyonce before. She was Sorry not sorry when she told you to Hold Up / Don’t Hurt Yourself. She bared her soul when sang about a Love Drought that washed away Sandcastles. And the happiness that shined through as she rained love down on her man All Night Long. But it didn’t stop there – oh no. She gave us girl power with hustle for what you want out of life anthems that had us putting on 6 Inch heels and getting in Formation.

I listen to LEMONADE at least once a week and its always refreshing, evoking new emotions with each passing track. There are very few albums existence that are able to have this type of effect on the listener. This is why LEMONADE was so wildly successful, and will continued to be celebrated for years to come.

Check out some of the tweets shared today regarding LEMONADE…




Of all of the songs on LEMONADE All Night is one of my favorites.

Photo Credit: HBO