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10 Reasons Why Black Women Are Happy

Despite popular belief Black Women are far from angry, bitter or any other negative adjective used to describe us. As a matter of fact, we have a lot to be happy about, and here are just some of those reasons: WE LOVE THE SKIN WE’RE IN! No matter what the media may try to get […]

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No, We Don’t Want Fries With That: How Let’s Move is Helping Kids Drop the Pounds

After years of home cooking, something changed for Americans. Fast food was suddenly everywhere, and we were swapping out meals made at home for more convenient bites. The drive-thru, super sizing, and “would you like fries with that?” became part of our daily lives. Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative is about making sure that our […]

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Treat Ya Self Valentine’s Day Giveaway

With Valentine’s day around the corner who says you can’t treat yourself to your own gifts.  We at Sisterhued are all about treating ourselves, so much so, that we gathered some of our favorite brands for our mega ‘Treat Ya Self Valentine’s Day’ giveaway so that we can treat YOU! Valued at more than $450 […]

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