When creating a website that will be run by more than one person you need to have one thing in order for it to survive. It’s something worth more than money, ideas or content creation. I’m talking about a bond.

A bond that goes beyond any friendship. This is when your friend(s) and partner(s) become your family, and the business you create becomes your child. While no relationship is perfect, as we are humans. Bet for us, this dynamic is about as perfect as it’s going to get.

By definition, the word ‘bond’ means: “something (such as an idea, interest, experience, or feeling) that is shared between people or groups and forms a connection between them.”

Without the connection that is shared between us Sisterhued would cease to exist. It is the bedrock in which this company was founded and formed. Our bond, that is made up of mutual love, respect and admiration that allows us to work together in a way that is singular yet cohesive manner. Thus giving you, the reader, an experience that is genuine and unique.

So, how does one form such a bond? It’s not forced I can tell you this much. Nor does it happen over night. We’ve all known each other for almost a year with us meeting each other at various events. I met Tiffani and Shaniqua at my MomCave TV event, and I can’t really say when I officially met Danielle. But she was definitely a familiar face on the NYC blogging scene. Therefore, when Shaniqua tapped us to join her on this venture we knew we had to become closer than just blogging acquaintances. So, instead of diving head first into Sisterhued we took months to get to know each other. Six to be exact. There were ideas that were tossed around about the direction and mission of this brand, but we ultimately used that time find out who these other women really were, if we would want to work with them and if this venture would be for us.

The rare time we were in the same place*

So, how exactly do four women who are wives, mothers and business women connect when going out for coffee isn’t always an option or when business events don’t allow for the opportunity to talk? Google Hangout. It is the group chat that binds us. It allows us to not only talk about business in our ‘Business Only’ chat, but to talk about what’s going on in our private lives in our ‘Blogging Boo’s’ chat. Google Hangout is where we share our inner most thoughts about everything! And when we really wanna have a good time we video chat. Our chats are nothing short of legendary. From outta left field comments, to meme’s and gif’s to describe feelings and ideas it is everything that keeps Sisterhued, a sisterhood. It’s a no hold bared atmosphere. Where judgement, envy and hating are not allowed.


Once we were at a point where we felt that our bond was unshakable, then we started talking about business. Which made the transition from everyday conversation easy. There was no need to wonder if the other person was really committed to the business or just being nosy. We knew those other 3 women would be in this for the long haul, working just as hard as I would to make sure this website and its mission becomes a success.

I can safely say, the secret behind Sisterhued’s success is not only our collective business sense, but our ability to be a sister, friend and supporter behind the scenes. That is the true meaning of bonding before blogging.

*Our group photograph was taken after we secured the deal for our ‘Love The Hue Of You’ launch event taking place on Thurs, Oct 22 in NYC. Tickets are $20 and are on sale now!