Black women were fired up after Bill O’Reilly stated he wasn’t listening to a word Rep. Maxine Waters had to say because of her James Brown wig. Then not a couple hours later Sean Spicer chastised April Ryan, the White House correspondent for the American Urban Radio Networks, by telling her to stop shaking her head as she was trying to ask a question.

Both men have since issued apologies but they fell on deaf ears as Black women were not having it.

Activist Brittany Packnett took to Twitter shortly after Spicer’s comments to state how the treatment of Maxine and April are every day occurrences for Black women in the work environment, and to drive home her point she asked Black women to share their stories using #BlackWomenAtWork.

We heard Brittany’s call and showed up in full force

Story after story of the blatant and subtle racism and microaggressions Black women faced in the workplace poured in. There were too many to even list but here are just a few:

Editor-in-Chief of Essence Vanessa De Luca weighed in and stated #BlackWomenAtWork has been an ongoing conversation at the magazine for years, and sadly not much has changed. And unfortunately we could not agree more.

One can only hope that this hashtag opens the door for the overdue conversations that will lead to the changes on how women of color are viewed and treated in the workplace.

Rep. Maxine Waters said it perfectly at the end of the night when she shared: