It’s spring time which means, it’s cap and gown season! Graduates from all over have taken to social media in celebration, and one such place where you’ll find abundance of black female celebration is the Black Girls Graduate hashtag on Twitter.

Started by Ashley Obasi (in pink), her sister Ijeamaka Obasi (in black) and best friend Tikkara Cooper in 2013 after they saw need to create a space for black girls to go and big-up their achievements in higher education.

Black girls graduate
Photo Credit: Essence Magazine

But, Black Girls Graduate is way more than just a hashtag. The official website serves as an online resource dedicated to improving educational attainment and collegiate graduation rates among black women and providing strategies to career advancement. The service these three young women are providing is beyond invaluable, and we thank them for creating a space where black female graduates can come together to bask in each others educational glory.

These are some of our favorites tweets from the Twitter hashtag:

We needed all the tissues with this one


If the tweets aren’t enough go to the Black Girls Graduate website gallery page. It gave us all the life we would need for 10 lifetimes. Also, be sure check out the founders of Black Girls Graduate featured in Essence magazine for May.

We are thrilled and excited for all of those who are are graduating this year. We wish you all of the best in your future endeavors.