You already know Black girls are magic–but did you know that we hold the key to the election, too?

Gabriel Hackett /Getty Images
Gabriel Hackett /Getty Images

While you may feel like our current election is between the lesser of two evils, it’s still important to contribute your voice–and for good reason. The political power of African American women is undeniable. In 2008, over 90 percent of African American women voted for Barack Obama, and in 2012, we voted more than any other group.

“The reason why Black women made the difference is because we bring our entire household to the polls with us,” said Carmen Berkley, director of Civil, Human and Woman’s Rights, AFL-CIO. “…Black women have the opportunity once again to shift the electorate by using their power to register, educate and turn out other Black folks to vote. When we engage our families in political discourse, we’re able to shift opinions, hearts, minds and votes. Whether it’s at the hair salon, grocery store, Bible study or brunch we must utilize our Black girl magic for social change.”

You can make the difference this election. When you vote, you raise your voice about the issues that matter most to our community–affordable healthcare, criminal justice reform, decent jobs, and college affordability.

“Black women are born organizers,” said Petee Talley, secretary-treasurer of the Ohio AFL-CIO, the first black woman to hold the position. “We know what our families and communities need to thrive, and we vote for candidates who can deliver.”

This Election Day, make sure you vote for a candidate you believe can deliver.

“Black women cannot afford to sit this election out,” says Berkley.