Sister: A female friend or protector regarded as a sister.
Hue: A gradation or variety or color; tint.

Sisterhued is a digital collective that connects women of color and brands. We are a community of parents, business owners, influencers and content creators committed to presenting a unique experience to the community at large.

Sisterhued fills the gap in online resources that is geared towards the positive content and imagery related to women of color.  We are the go-to on topics ranging from self and family care to fashion and beauty, health, finances and travel, as well as a host of other issues that effect our community on a daily basis.

The Women Behind Sisterhued

Shaniqua Garvin is a Harlem born girl and Brooklyn transplant. She is a widowed single mom raising her son affectionately called “myDJ”. She is the founder of Shaniqua Garvin brand which encompasses Brown Fit Mama. She is a freelance event coordinator specializing in high end children’s and celebrity events, and has been featured in Oprah magazine twice. Visit Shaniqua at Shaniqua Garvin.

Tiffani Greenaway is a busy wife and mom of two toddlers she lovingly refers to as the 2Live Crew. The Founder of MyMommyVents, a support community for moms in the NYC area, and co-creator of The Mommy Conference, a digital gathering of mothers, Tiffani is committed to community building with Sisterhued. Visit Tiffani at My MommyVents, where she inspires, empowers, and informs moms.

While persevering with Crohns Disease, Danielle believes in living in the moment and enjoying life to the fullest. As a wife and mom of two lil’monsters, the former teacher and wedding and events planner created her site Dellah’s Jubilation to share inspiration, family fun experiences and NYC happenings as well as stories on what’s trending and important to Millennial women and their families. Danielle believes as women of color, we need to surround ourselves with like-minded thinkers and doers who believe in empowering each other and supporting our communities. Visit Danielle at Dellah’s Jubilation.

Valerie Pierre is a native Jersey girl who has called Brooklyn home for more than a decade. She is a married stay at home mom who is always on the hunt for wine and a quiet place to hide from her hardcore gaming husband and 2 sugar loving toddlers. As owner of Mommy R+R, a lifestyle website dedicated to the recharging and rejuvenation of moms, she is an advocate for mandatory guilt free #MommyMeTime. Visit Valerie at Mommy R+R.

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