Vision Board/Planning Event at Brooklyn Commons Bushwick


We are SO excited to announced that we have partnered with Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama to host a vision board planner event on:

Saturday, January 27th from 2-6pm!

 This is our first event of the year and it’s about to be lit! We will be presenting three different sessions relating to creativity, visualization and execution.

First Session: Creative Meditation

We are going help you open your mind and spirit to allow for your creative side to flow through.

Second Session: Vision Board Visualization

With your mind open to your goals and dreams you will now create your own personalized vision board. This board will be a real life visualization of what you want to accomplish in the new year and beyond.

Third Session:  How To Use Your Planner to Execute Any Goal

Presented by Nellie she will teach you the tips and tricks to planning. Find out how many types of planners there are and which one will work for you. Also, learn her system of planner execution, as well as some of the mistakes she’s made along the way that have helped her become a planner guru.


With every event we host we always give our attendees the opportunity to mix and mingle with one another. Out motto is you never know who you’re gonna meet. So we like to give everyone a chance to swap business cards and hopefully make a connection, whether is be business or on a personal level.


Also Included:

With creativity snacking . Throughout the event cocktails and light bites will be served.

  At the conclusion of the event on top of taking home your newly created vision board home you’ll also receive a gift bag.

But that’s not all…

Prior to the start of the event we will be hosting a Private VIP Brunch in which select attendees will hear our personal success stories that include vision boards and planners. Ask us questions and find out how you can implement our strategies to help make 2018 your best year yet!



Every person who registers will receive a FREE 2 Week trial at Brooklyn Commons in Bushwick! We couldn’t be more excited about this trial as we know you desperately need some office space/dedicated work time so in order to create and execute with no distractions while in an awesome environment!


We can’t wait to help you visualize and plan your way to success! As Nellie would say, “A Goal Without A Plan Is Just a Wish!

Let’s make this a 20GREATeen!

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