The buzz of New York Fashion Week may slowly start to fade but the star quality in the talented 10 year old  Egypt Ufele will be talked about for years to come as she makes a name for herself in the fashion industry with a bold print collection that’s bringing African style to America.

Being comfortable in your own skin is sometimes no easy feat at any age, especially when battling images within pop-culture or while being bullied by your peers. Motivated by being called names and once even being stabbed with a pencil, Egypt realized she needed an outlet to relieve the painful feelings she was dealing with she told Refinery 29. What better way to show them your enemies how confident you are then by embracing those features they criticized & creating a fashion line like Chubiiline that celebrates them.

Chubbiiline   Chubbiiline








This young 5th grade entrepreneur from Queens, NY  also known as Ify started designing clothes for her Barbie dolls at the age of 5  and said that she created the anti-bullying and empowering line for  all sizes and genders.  With plus size models like Ashley Graham and Precious Lee showing how happy they are in their skin, Chubiiline  {which made it’s debut in 2015 at Unique Blend Models Fashion week)  is the perfect compliment to the movement of girls of all ages loving themselves and each and every one of their curves.

With such an inspirational story and an admirable work ethic for a tween, we are truly excited for the opportunities sure to come this young lady’s way as she took a negative situation and turned it into something that could help build up the self-esteem of so many others facing bullying. Great work Ify, continue to #makeHUEstory !


Image source: Co-founder Shaniqua Garvin for Sisterhued & Bullychasers on Instagram.