It has taken me a full 24 hours to recover from my edges and soul being snatched by Beyonce’s Coachella performance. Like most folk, I thought I was ready but yo, I wasn’t ready. Hell, no one was ready. From the moment sis started on that drum and blew that whistle then those trumpets, horns, and drums kicked in and Beyonce turned around I knew I was about to witness something, unlike anything I’ve ever seen from the Queen.

Photo Credit for both Beyonce images: Image Source: Getty / Larry Busacca via Popsugar

It was a wig snatching like no other. A snatch that will go down in history. This concert was a midnight homecoming desert praise fest complete with a tribute to HBCUs, amazing costuming, black movie references, black female empowerment and the black national anthem. In other words, it was lit af!

Here are 10 blackety black standout moments that I loved:

The Queen knows how to make an entrance

Beyonce (rightfully) shades Coachella for finally being the first black woman to headline

Beyonce sings Lift Every Voice and Sing

HBCU tribute with stepping and a marching band

Swag Surfing on Drunk in Love

Carefree dancing with Solange

The Destiny’s Child reunion we’ve all been waiting for

The song may be Everybody Mad, but those moves scream STAY MAD

Marching band / Majorette theme with Diddi Emah and her twirling batons

Rihanna front row getting her whole life

This is gonna be next years headliners when they’re asked what they have planned..

And if you’re a fan of what takes place behind the scenes as much as I am, check out these dope images of the preparation behind Bey’s performance. This just solidifies my need for Bey to turn her Coachella performance into a film covering it from conception to execution. I live for seeing how the mind of my queen operates.

What were your favorite moments from Beyonce’s Coachella performance?