From the Big and small screen, to the covers of Fall Fashion Magazines, from the American Ballet stage to the White House dinners and everywhere in between – black girls of every hue,  shape and age are being celebrated and it’s beyond magical! I’m sure there are way more than 10 oh-so talented illustrators who convey our style and grace so beautifully whether with a pad and paper or digitally on social media.

Here’s just a few fantastic feeds that I’ve stumbled upon on IG over the last year or so, who’s work embodies our sisterhood, our love of fashion & hair and vibrant culture.

Black Girl Magic


@Tiffaniandersonillustration – This L.A based illustrator has such great drawings that capture sisters of every hue, doing everyday things, from shopping and brunching, to sleepovers and bathroom selfies.

@illustration315 – These images are adorably animated and look like they belong in a stylish Saturday morning cartoon series with characters that resemble the inspiring crew you hang with all the time.

@keturahariel – “Make art, not war” and “Rock what you were born with” are some of the phrases you’ll find drawn on the pieces Ariel creates as she fills her purpose. Her Sister Soldiers piece for Essence Magazine echoes her hopes to have her art be a continuous vehicle for change.

@CosmicMedium  – While aiming to inspire art in various mediums, you’ll love the really fun and brightly colored fashion illustrations that will instantly catch your eye.


Black Girl Magic 4

@VeronicaMarche – with one glance at her charming and ethereal body of work, you’ll quickly realize why she’s been able to collaborate with Eden Body Works, Essence and Marie Claire.

Black Girl Magic 3

@nikisgroove – Dreaming of city nights with views of the Eiffel tower and traveling through the chic streets of Paris? With drawings of love, juggling motherhood & haute looks, you’ll be wanderlusting while scrolling through this feed.

Black Girl Magic 1

@adorkableaffiliation – Black Girls Winning resonates within this digital mix of sassy and beautifully depicted women with curves, curls and more! My fave are the supporter’s inspired fashion posts.

@coilyandcute – Cute is an understatement! With the usage of bold bright colors, these bubbly drawings of naturalists are guaranteed to make you and your curlfriends smile.

@le_huck_badu – a collection that encourages you to think outside the box & to feel empowered by your differences.

@nicoleupdegraff -Inspired by the idea that you can draw the life you want, these lifestyle illustrations are simply motivating and celebrate life’s accomplishments and everyday moments.

Do you have a favorite artist you’ve either followed for a while or newly discovered here? Did I miss anyone?